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Airmec provide facilities maintenance professionals across the UK with a single point of contact for cost-effective air hygiene and water treatment solutions. These essential services help you fulfill your site management responsibilities, ensuring your staff, clients and customers are provided with a safe, productive, high quality environment.

Airmec (H2O) Limited specialises in the treatment of air and water in the built environment. Through a process of surveying and testing, current conditions are ASSESSED and a cost effective treatment package is prepared. This is implemented through a PLANNED maintenance package that ensures all risks are appropriately MANAGED. This methodology allows the correct ENGINEERED process to be adopted in all cases.

Essential Air and Water Services are provided to ensure that clients are fully compliant with the latest approved codes of practice from the HSE and are using best practice, such as British Standard in their premises.

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Legionella Prevention Advice

Legionella Prevention Advice

Legionellosis is an infectious disease caused by bacteria belonging to the genus Legionella.
Over 90% of legionellosis cases are caused by
Legionella pneumophila, a ubiquitous aquatic
organism that thrives in warm environments.
With help from Airmec (H2O) Limited you can
learn to prevent it.

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Legionella testing

If lab results test positive for Legionella, the cost of remedial action can run into six figures.  Read our article ...

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