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Cleaning and Decontamination of Ductwork

All Hygienic Cleaning and Disinfection Works undertaken by Airmec are fully in accordance with current industry standards and HVCA Guidelines including TR/19 ‘Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems’. This encompasses all mechanical ventilation supply air and extraction systems within the built environment.

Why Clean Ductwork?

Poor air quality within a building can increase the spread of illness and worsen the effects suffered by people with asthma and other respiratory problems. A large proportion of air quality problems are the result of poorly maintained systems that are experiencing significant levels of contamination such as dusts, moisture, insects, vermin and pest. Without effect control measures, building occupants there are potentially exposed to a health risk, which may result in a significant cost for building owners and employers.

Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Kitchen Extract Ventilation Systems should be cleaned and degreased using a degreasing agent to remove all grease build-ups and other dirt deposits to ensure protection against and to reduce the risk of fire within the kitchen extract systems. Cleaning regimes should also includes kitchen canopies, extract hoods, fans, grease filters and all extract ductwork (usually not included in a kitchen deep clean), and all in accordance with HVCA Publication TR/19 – Section 7.


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H M Prison Service (England & Wales)

Airmec operates throughout the UK providing HM Prison Services individual establishments including regional Technical Support Services Units (TSS) with a comprehensive range of ventilation services..

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