Airmec Essential Services and Solutions


It is probably NOT your job to be a walking authority on all regulatory and compliance issues involved in managing your on-site water and air services. But it is Airmec's.

Airmec is committed to providing its clients with jargon-free advice and guidance. We offer a single point of contact for accessing the latest Health & Safety information, or discussing the pros and cons of a new ventilation hygiene or water treatment method.

The single-track solution approach offered by many on-site services companies has not simplified your facilities management task. Instead it has created arbitrary confusion, causing service quality – and hence value for money – to deteriorate significantly.

Airmec's a portfolio of essential services uses impartial facts and defined service standards to provide an unprecedented jargon-free picture of the issues involved in, and the solutions to, effective on-site management of your air and water facilities.