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Endoscopy / Thermal Imagery




A recent addition to the Airmec service package, Endoscopy is a non-destructive test method enabling a full internal survey of equipment via inspection port, hatch or other access point to determine the integrity of surfaces and general conditions of flow areas.


The images can be captured in movie or still format and prove the adage ‘a picture shows a thousand words’.


Thermal imagery


To supplement and compliment endoscopy Airmec also offer thermal imaging (TI) as a part of investigative work, where it is more difficult to shut down processes and associated plant.


TI enables us to identify differing flow rates, temperature gradients and blockages within sealed systems enabling clients to target specific areas for maintenance.


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H M Prison Service (England & Wales)

Airmec operates throughout the UK providing HM Prison Services individual establishments including regional Technical Support Services Units (TSS) with a comprehensive range of ventilation services..

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