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Remedial Work

Mechanical ventilation systems need to be regularly maintained to ensure they are able to keep air quality up to current health and safety guidelines.  Over time these systems can become contaminated and start polluting the areas they serve.  We can perform remedial works to fix this, often on the back of an indoor air quality survey.

We can carry out a wide range of remedial works, including installing access hatches into ductwork, the cleaning of supply and extract ducted systems and maintaining air handling units and fans.

We work flexibly and if necessary work can be undertaken ouside of normal working hours.  This ensures that minimal disruption is caused to those who use the affected building.

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Case Study

H M Prison Service (England & Wales)

Airmec operates throughout the UK providing HM Prison Services individual establishments including regional Technical Support Services Units (TSS) with a comprehensive range of ventilation services..

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