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Water Hygiene Programmes

Airmec have a team of environmental service technicians that undertake the works prescribed in the Health & Safety Commission Approved Code of Practice L8:  Legionnaires' disease the control of legionella bacteria in water systems ensuring compliance and hence peace of mind for those persons with the statutory duty and responsibility for the control of legionella. 

All staff are directly employed, trained and provided with the equipment to carry out works in an efficient manner, limiting expensive downtime.  In all cases the tasks and frequency of work are in accordance with the programmes as recommended within the ACOP and guidance note L8 and include e.g. weekly flushing of little used outlets, monthly temperature testing of sentinel taps (hot water 50oc after one minute and cold water <20oc after two minutes), quarterly cleaning and de-scaling of shower heads, six monthly inspection of tanks with cleaning and disinfection where necessary and legionella and total viable count biological sampling as appropriate, (list is not definitive)


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